Congratulations on your decision to join our Power Gifting Community.

To ensure you have a smooth registration, please read this before going any further:

  • Prior to registration, ensure you have watched the following two short videos found under “Training Videos” on the website
  • How to Register https://youtu.be/VspbKmwcLz0?si=K_jr1-RfA_TskCsa
  • How to send your first gift. https://youtu.be/tKAP9oQqZsM?si=Ep7Q1fDSwjLR6LFu
  • Ensure you have your $8 gift (recommended to have $10 to cover fees) ready to send in cryptocurrencies.
  • Complete all the details in the registration page, including a minimum of 3 gifting methods. Two methods must be USDT. This will make it nice and easy for someone to gift you.
  • After clicking “Register” wait for your email confirmation which will have your unique IRP members number. This is your Username when you log in.
  • If you do not receive your IRP# on email, you can send an email to support@powergiftings.com and wait for a reply. Clicking register again will create a new account for your to gift.
By clicking Register it is deemed that you accept all the T&C for Power Gifting.